Marketing Research + Intelligence

Strategic Initiatives offers a full range of research solutions to help clients understand the marketplace, their customers, and their competition. We approach every research project strategically, to ensure our clients get great results that achieve their research objectives and maximize their research budget. Our research services include online and telephone surveys, traditional in-person and online focus groups, and one-on-one interviews. We also manage clients’ branded customer panels, and provide meeting facilitation and assistance with research strategy and planning. Our specialty is qualitative research – in-person and online focus groups, and in-person and telephone in-depth interviewing, for consumer and business audiences.

Students could improve their performance without needing to know more if only they would express.
The will to power is, as soon as it comes expressly to appearance in its pure essence, itself the foundation and the realm of valuepositing.
Heidegger’s explanatory appendixes begin on p!
In the coagitatio, representing gathers all that is objective into the “all together” of representedness.

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