Helping Clients Grow

Strategic Initiatives is a marketing research firm based in Victoria, British Columbia. We help clients understand the marketplace, their customers, and their competition. We succeed when our clients succeed in building strong, lasting relationships with their customers; in other words, when our clients’ businesses grow.

Intelligent Marketing Research

We look at what is inherently interesting, relevant and meaningful about brands, services and products, and help our clients bring them to market. We mine for the details and insights that are clear, distinctive and convincing to target groups. We identify marketing opportunities and we help develop strategies to help clients build great brands.

New Products, New Markets and New Opportunities

Our clients are existing businesses preparing for new initiatives, taking advantage of new opportunities, or planning for growth; start-ups wishing to launch new enterprises with a well-researched marketing plan; not-for-profits determined to build strong relationships with stakeholders; and organizations considering improvements to their marketing programs.

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