The Significance of Surveys

When you need to know the numbers – to project significance with confidence – quantitative research is indicated. Larger sample sizes make the results statistically significant, even when analyzing multiple variables or comparing results across multiple target segments. For customer, employee and membership surveys, concept testing, new product research, and more, whether online, by telephone, or by mail, we conduct surveys that get answers to your research questions.

We assist with the initial study design, sample selection, questionnaire development, data collection and tabulation, and analyzing and reporting results in a way that transforms data into insights. Our state-of-the-art online survey software cost-effectively accommodates the simplest to the most complex surveys, including a multitude of question types (multiple choice, matrix table, slider, heat map, rank order, drill down and more), personalizing the survey experience on a respondent-by-respondent basis, password-protecting access if required, and integrating a wide variety of stimuli to engage respondents, increase response rates and accurately collect data.

Face-to-Face or Online, Focus Groups Generate Insights

Focus groups allow participants to explore their attitudes, opinions, feelings and behaviours in depth, and to share and compare their different points of view in discussion with their peers. We believe there is no better way to bring the voice of the customer into marketing decision-making! Focus groups are a powerful methodology for gaining consumer insights and perspectives, for generating a deep understanding of consumer motivations, or for capturing the language and imagery consumers use to describe products, services, brands and companies. They allow the use of projective and evaluative techniques to help participants communicate the perceptions, experiences and feelings that may otherwise be difficult for them to articulate, and to help uncover the underlying rational and emotional needs driving consumer behaviour.

When target audiences are geographically dispersed or time-pressured, or sensitive topics that require respondent anonymity need to be discussed, online focus groups provide rich, detailed responses from participants. Participants log on to a password-protected web site and respond to questions posted by the moderator, as well as other participants’ posts. An online whiteboard can be used for presenting visuals (including streaming video), and can link to external web sites (ideal for web site usability testing). Online Focus Groups (OFGs) are conducted in real “real time”, with all participants online with the moderator at the same time. Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BBFGs) are conducted asynchronously (participants log on at their convenience), and allow extended discussion, usually over 3 to 5 days.

One-on-One Interviews Get to the Heart of the Matter

In some situations, personal interviews are a more appropriate research methodology. This may be when the subject matter is too detailed or personal in nature to make group discussion comfortable for participants, because anonymity and confidentiality of responses must be ensured, or because the logistics of gathering a group of participants together in one room are too complex. Personal interviews get to the heart of the matter – by building a personal rapport with respondents in a one-on-one environment, our skilled interviewers ensure a comfortable experience that breaks down barriers and allows respondents to share their opinions and surface rich insights.

Branded Customer Panels Keep Your Customers Engaged

Branded customer panels are a great tool for keeping your finger on your customers’ pulse, by allowing you to reach out to a pool of customers who have agreed to be contacted for marketing research purposes. But the value of branded customer panels is even greater than having a ready “sample” of respondents. Brands that ask questions, and then show that they have listened and responded to the answers, earn their customers’ trust and inspire enhanced brand loyalty. They keep their customers engaged in an ongoing relationship. Both brands and customers benefit from the experience. Brands gain invaluable information and insight into what makes their customers tick, and customers have direct input into the creation of products and services that better meet their needs.

Have you ever considered starting your own branded customer panel but haven’t had the resources to get going? We offer complete customer panel management services to help you build, market, manage and maximize the potential of your customer panel. And, of course, we’ll help with designing, implementing and anlyzing the research that is undertaken amongst your panel members.

Meeting Facilitation

Our trained facilitators are committed to helping you get what you want out of your meetings, workshops and planning sessions. We’ll work with you to set goals for the session, make sure everything gets covered, and ensure it’s a pleasant experience for all participants. We specialize in strategic planning, marketing and communications planning sessions. We are comfortable with all team members, regardless of their position in the organization. We have worked with cross-functional teams, departments, management groups and Boards of Directors in for-profit and not-for-profit environments.

Strategy and Planning

We believe in doing the right research – research that is relevant to respondents and relevant to your business – to drive business breakthroughs and inspire better brands. We think research should be done strategically, asking the right questions not just to achieve research objectives but to provide customers with the opportunity to make a real contribution to their future experiences with your products and services. When research is done right, it becomes a relationship-building tool, strengthening the bonds between your brand and its customers, and ushering in a whole new era of engaging consumers in brand-building. We would love to have the opportunity to work with you to help you use marketing research as strategically and cost-effectively as possible, and to provide you with the research solutions that will meet your needs now and in the future.

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